File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

While working on your desktop or laptop computer is fine and dandy, you’ll eventually want to get your website to a place where everyone in the world (aside from a few places where the government really restricts internet access) can view your creation. In order to get your website from desktop to server, there are three things you need: a domain name, a web server, and an application to upload your site to the web server.

This chapter was not included in the book, but is covered as an “Extra” topic here, since it will be easier to provide various resources and video tutorials than only static text. I’ll provide you with free to help you practice, but (eventually) you’ll want to consider paid services when your work goes beyond tutorials and exercises.

Domain Registration

There are hundreds of places you can register a domain and all for nearly the same price. The point here is to simply register a domain but not tie it down with a hosting company in case you want to move your website and point the URL (domain name) to another hosting company. Here is a list of a few places to register a domain:

Web Site Hosting

FTP Applications

In order to get your website from your computer to a hosting server, you’ll need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Application. The following list are some Free options for Linux, Mac, and Windows: